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Streamline the Shop Floor Production

Get the tools you need to make your job easier. Avoid collisions, minimize scrap parts and make more chips with machining’s most reliable cutting tools.

Find us at IMTS 2018

We know you like to see chips fly. Visit our booth to discover the latest tools your shop needs, then head to the Machine Hall and see the tools run live. Click the map to see where you can find Sandvik Coromant at IMTS.


South Building, Level 3



    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338900

    Visit DMG MORI for various component demonstrations featuring new machine and tooling combinations.

    What You Will See

    • Component - Gantry, machined NLX 2500SY featuring CoroCut® QD for Y-axis parting
    • Component - Capto Vice Insert, machined NLX2000SY/500 featuring CoroTurn® Prime @ ABB Robotics
    • Component - Spur Gear, machined NHX4000 w/21RPP featuring InvoMilling™
  • Doosan Machine Tools

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #339100

    Doosan Machine Tools will be featuring exciting new demos at IMTS for a variety of industries. See Sandvik Coromant solutions in action all week.

    What You Will See

    • Multitask SMX 2600 ST featuring CoroDrill® 880, CoroMill® Plura and SilentTools™ dampened technology
    • Lynx 2100LSYB featuring CoroCut® QD with Y-Axis parting off
    • Lynx 2100LYA with GL running CoroTurn®  300
    •  And so much more!
  • Haas

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338100

    Come see the latest high-performance, high-value machines and options from Haas Automation - designed to boost your productivity and help you succeed. You'll see real-world demonstrations of brand new machines, innovative options, tooling solutions and Industry 4.0 connectivity.

    What You Will See

    • ST-35 Big-Bore Lathe with Wireless Intuitive Probing, featuring Turning and Parting & Grooving Demonstration
    • And more demonstrations featuring Turning, Milling, Solid Carbide Round Tools, Parting & Grooving
  • Makino

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338700

    More information coming soon

  • Mazak

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338300

    See the future of manufacturing in action. Join us at Mazak’s booth for an exciting series of demonstrations with new machine and tooling combinations.

    What You Will See

    • Component - 6 5/8 API Internal Flush Pin, QT 450 MY multi-task machine outfitted with Silent Tools™ Plus
    • Component - Bone Plate, machined on VC-300 featuring 930 CoroChuck, CoroTurn 300 cutters, EH cutters and Solid Carbide Round Tools
    • More to come!
  • Okuma

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338500

    Join us for a variety of component demos showcasing cutting edge machine and tool combinations with Okuma America. Stop by to get the full details of these new machine and tooling innovations.

    What You Will See

    • Machine - LU-7000EXM/2000. This powerful, heavy duty, 4 axis lathe will feature turrets with live tool capabilities and large mounting stations for long boring tools.
    • Tooling - Silent Tools™ Plus boring bar with digital feedback of cutting conditions. This new, innovative approach to monitoring boring operations provides levels of security not possible...until now.
  • WFL

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338666

    See digital machining live at WFL's booth. Featuring cutting edge digital machining technology, you can see first-hand the power of real-time machine monitoring.

    What You Will See

    • Machine - M120 Millturn outfitted with full integration of Silent Tools™ Plus to the machine control. Monitoring will include: vibration, surface roughness, damper temperature, battery status, load, deflection, in addition to adaptive spindle control.
    • More to come!

A game show and giveaways all on a day off from school? Don’t worry, you won’t have to beg your teachers to go. Our booth activities are interactive AND educational.

Where You Can Find Us

North Building, Level 1 Booth 215104.

Visit our main booth to explore the latest tooling solutions, connect with machining experts and engineers to discuss your production or project needs and learn how to advance your business with data driven decisions. We're reimagining the machine shop floor - experience it for yourself in our booth.

Where You Can Find Us

West Building, Level 3 and Annex Booth 431510

IMTS map

Get your hands on new tooling solutions

Stop by our booth to get up close and personal with brand new tooling solutions. Learn how they operate and connect with a Sandvik Coromant engineer who can answer all of your technical questions.

  • Tools

  • Industry

  • Tools

    • Turning

      New cutting edge concepts that will change the way you look at turning operations. Check out the tools that are reinventing turning.

      CoroTurn® Prime

      All directional turning that can double speed and feed rates, enabling faster metal removal for more parts per run.

      CoroCut® QD

      The most reliable system for parting off including the optional Y-axis parting providing more than 6x higher blade stiffness.

      CoroCut® QF

      Secure face grooving, delivering unmatched reliability and superior process security in your operations.

      Interested in these products? Find us at the booth

      We’ll answer your questions and offer pointers and insights for turning.

      • John Winter

      • Danielle Allen

      • Chris Gable

      • Nick Neely

      • Steve Olson

    • Milling

      Explore milling tools for flat surfaces, shoulders, slots, gears or complex 3D shapes that will give you the best competitive edge.

      CoroMill® 745

      Multi-edge face milling cutter for the best production economy.

      CoroMill® 415

      Small-diameter high feed face milling cutter for cost effective production.

      CoroMill® 390

      (with Silent Tools) Versatile shoulder milling cutters with ramping capability for mixed production.

      CoroMill® 316

      The exchangeable head milling system for quick, easy and accurate switches between various operations.

      Interested in these products? Find us at the booth

      We'll answer your questions and offer pointers and insights for milling.

      • Dan Tucker

      • Rick Crosby

      • Phil Jewell

      • Neftali Rodriguez

      • Nguyen Nguyen

    • Holemaking

      Improve your bottom line with optimized tooling that effortlessly creates excellent hole results for a variety of machining conditions, materials and application types.

      CoroDrill® 870

      CoroDrill 870 optimizes applications through diameter range, steps and length possibilities for H9-H10 hole-tolerance area.

      CoroChuck™ 930

      High precision hydraulic chuck designed to eliminate vibration for excellent stability and accessibility in milling and drilling operations.


      Explore CoroBore BR10, CoroBore BR 20 and CoroBore BR30 multi-edge boring tools suitable for your production needs.

      Interested in these products? Find us at the booth

      We’ll answer your questions and offer pointers and insights for holemaking.

      • Joe Hobbs

      • Michael Bechler

      • Nick Tomac

      • Pat Loughney

      • Chris Leich

    • Solid Carbide Tools

      Find the right solid carbide tool to fulfill demands for high quality, precision parts and maximum productivity to get the most out of your production runs.

      CoroMill® Plura

      Featuring tools for heavy roughing, finishing, and thread milling, CoroMill® Plura works in various applications and materials, including difficult-to-cut materials and very hard steels up to 63 HRc.

      CoroDrill® 860

      A solid carbide drill designed for fast and problem-free drilling. Provides excellent chip evacuation for green light machining at high penetration rates.


      A complete tapping program. CoroTap™ is the solution for high batch quantities. Looking for solutions for small to medium batch quantities? Check out CoroTap™ –XM.

      Interested in these products? Find us at the booth

      We’ll answer your questions and offer pointers and insights.

      • Hank Rutkowski

      • Richard Lamphere

      • John Leighton

      • Rosa Reyes

  • Industry

    • Aerospace

      From complex materials to demanding operations, aerospace components require precision machining. Secure your process with reliable tooling combinations.


      Fan discs, shafts, and blisks to fan casings, turbine discs and spools in every material from titanium and high alloy steel to HRSA - our tooling will excel in any aerospace engine component.


      Aerospace frame component solutions for wing, fuselage, landing gear, tail and more.


      Composite material machining can be challenging. See our solutions for central wing box, vertical tail, and wing components with this material requirement.

      Interested in these products? Find us at the booth

      We’ll answer your questions and offer aerospace engineering advice.

      • Matt Brazelton

      • Kevin Matthews

      • John Dolan

      • Todd R. Jackson

      • Eric Sleater

      • Mark Backus

    • Automotive

      Metal cutting requirements in automotive change fast. Explore the latest solutions for transmission, engine and other components.


      Get the insights you need to manufacture transmission parts, from shafts, gear wheels and shift sleeves to gears and splines.


      Find solutions and tools for engine components like crankshafts, cylinder head, cylinder block, cam shaft, and connecting rods.


      Explore solutions for other important automotive components like turbochargers, knuckles, housings, brake calipers.

      Interested in these products? Find us at the booth

      We’ll answer your questions and offer automotive engineering advice.

      • Rick Crabtree

      • Steve Boutin

      • Yoshi Shinoya

      • Chris Waggoner

      • Brandon Rogers

    • Oil & Gas

      From exotic materials to larger component requirements, demands in oil & gas are evolving. Stay on top of these trends with oil & gas industry solutions.

      Silent Tools™

      Harness the power of damped tools for long overhang machining with greater process security and even better surface finish.


      Seal ring grooves are critical features on many oil and gas components, Explore SpiroGrooving™ for close-tolerance seal ring grooves.

      Internal threading

      For mandrels or other oil and gas components, achieve process security with good chip control thanks to cutting edge internal threading tools.

      Interested in these products? Find us at the booth

      We’ll answer your questions and offer oil & gas engineering advice.

      • Shane Waters

      • Neil Munson

      • Shelby Sumpter

      • Daniel Conessa

      • Edmundo Mar

The future factory is here

What if you could eliminate collisions and scrapped parts or totally optimize cutting tools with decreased downtime from maintenance and tool changes? It's possible. Learn more at IMTS 2018.

Design & Plan with Data

The design and planning phase of a project determines your success. You need to get it right, the first time. Don't waste time selecting tools, searching for cutting data or worrying about your CAD/CAM process.

Streamline your design and planning phase with program generators, online tool assemblies and more integrated with your partner systems.

Interested? Explore CoroPlus® design and planning solutions.

In-Cut Monitoring

Know what’s happening at the cutting edge with sensor embedded tooling. After all, that's where the action is. Embedded sensors give you direct access to what’s happening inside your machine and component, making preemptive actions and process improvements easier.

Spend more time making chips with intelligent machining. Silent Tools™ Plus provides the insights you need to make data driven process optimizations for greater equipment utilization.

See it at IMTS.

Learn & Improve

What if you could quickly spot patterns or trends in a cell? Or share insights from one production unit to another? 

Make fact-based and real-time decisions with machining data aggregated from sensor equipped tooling and compiled on a machine tool control panel. With process intelligence from machining, factory and enterprise levels you'll be able to spot optimization opportunities on any shop floor.

Monitor your machining with CoroPlus® Process Control.

Your How-To Guide on the Digitalization Journey Download Guide

The Connected Shop Floor

What does digital machining solve? Who's going to be there at 2 AM to listen. That's only the start. Read this guide to learn what digital machining means for production and for you. 

Introducing CoroPlus® MachiningInsights

Gain insights that production operators need in order to maximize output and resources. Approach machining with analytics to identify and categorize gaps and opportunities. Save time and focus on mining the most impactful improvement opportunities, prioritizing the most pressing issues and then solving the right problems instead of guessing. From data capture to optimization efforts, take action with CoroPlus® MachiningInsights. The latest solution in the CoroPlus suite for machine and tool utilization. See it live at Booth 431510.

Interested in learning more about digital machining? Find us at the show.

Talk to us at the show (Booth 431510) to discover how you can implement digital machining in your shop. Do you want a one-on-one consultation during IMTS? Schedule your 30 minute appointment here.

  • Bijal Patel Specialist, Digital Machining

  • Jeff Rizzie Director - Digital Machining, Americas

Turning Reinvented We're changing the way you do turning

Does your production line need an upgrade? Discover the latest innovations that are reinventing turning.

Gain Prime Productivity

Make more chips with the CoroTurn® Prime and doubles speed and feed rates. Faster metal removal means more parts per run, which means a happy shop floor manager and an even happier you.

Need more? With two inserts in the holder, the CoroTurn® Prime Twin-tool streamlines your set-up time to increase machine utilization and productivity.

A New Multidirectional Way to do Turning

Faster, better, stronger. Don't let hard-to-machine materials get in the way of your tight deadline - PrimeTurning™ is the innovative new all-directional turning operation designed to produce your high volume orders.

Why settle for less when PrimeTurning offers flexibility to do turning in all directions for extraordinary productivity?

A more stable, silent, and vibration-free approach to parting off

CoroCut® QD for Y-axis parting is designed with the insert pocket rotated 90 degrees, providing more than six times higher blade stiffness in turning centers and multi-task machines with Y-axis.

This results in a much more stable, silent, and vibration-free cutting process that provides better surface finish and allows higher feed rates and longer tool overhang.

Your go-to shop floor app

Manage all of the information you need for production in one easy place.


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