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The Art of Progress Engineering

Your work drives industrial progress forward. We provide the cutting tools that make your vision a reality.

Collaborate with Us Let’s make your napkin sketches a reality

Our engineers love a challenge. Bring us your complex projects - from exotic material requirements to precision machined components - and we’ll work with you to find the right solution(s).

Design Support

Whether your idea starts out as a napkin sketch or a 3D model, our engineers are here to help take your vision to the next level with design support.

Application Engineering

From machining strategy, tool path and CAM programming to proof of concept machining, we offer total component solutions.

Process Engineering

Get your turn key machine tool investment right from the start. Whether you need time studies, concept designs, tool assemblies or run off support, we can help.

Find us at IMTS 2018

Connect with our Yellowcoats throughout the show to get up close with the latest technology and learn more about new machining trends. Click the map to see where you can find us at IMTS.


South Building, Level 3



    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338900

    Visit DMG Mori for various component demonstrations featuring new machine and tooling combinations.

    What You Will See

    • Component - Gantry, machined NLX 2500SY featuring CoroCut® QD for Y-axis parting
    • Component - Capto Vice Insert, machined NLX2000SY/500 featuring CoroTurn® Prime @ ABB Robotics
    • Component - Spur Gear, machined NHX4000 w/21RPP featuring InvoMilling ™
  • Doosan Machine Tools

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #339100

    Doosan Machine Tools will be featuring exciting new demos at IMTS for a variety of industries. See Sandvik Coromant solutions in action all week.

    What You Will See

    • Multitask SMX 2600 ST featuring CoroDrill® 880, CoroMill® Plura and SilentTools™ dampened technology
    • Lynx 2100LSYB featuring CoroCut® QD with Y-Axis parting off
    • Lynx 2100LYA with GL running CoroTurn®  300
    •  And so much more!
  • Haas

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338100

    Come see the latest high-performance, high-value machines and options from Haas Automation - designed to boost your productivity and help you succeed. You'll see real-world demonstrations of brand new machines, innovative options, tooling solutions and Industry 4.0 connectivity.

    What You Will See

    • ST-35 Big-Bore Lathe with Wireless Intuitive Probing, featuring Turning and Parting & Grooving Demonstration
    • And more demonstrations featuring Turning, Milling, Solid Carbide Round Tools, Parting & Grooving
  • Makino

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338700

    Makino machines maximize performance and embrace the new world of digital connectivity, data and intelligent manufacturing. They will have many new machines and technologies on display at IMTS outftted with a wide selection of tools including: CoroChuck™ 930 holders, solid carbide endmills and face mills (CoroMill® 390, CoroMill® 590 and CoroMill® 790). Explore them for yourself in the South Hall!

    What You Will See

    • a51nx
    • a81nx
    • a500Z
    • DA300
  • Mazak

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338300

    See the future of manufacturing in action. Join us at Mazak’s booth for an exciting series of demonstrations with new machine and tooling combinations.

    What You Will See

    • Component - 6 5/8 API Internal Flush Pin, QT 450 MY multi-task machine outfitted with Silent Tools™ Plus
    • Component - Bone Plate, machined on VC-300 featuring 930 CoroChuck, CoroTurn® 300 cutters, EH cutters and Solid Carbide Round Tools
  • Okuma

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338500

    Join us for a variety of component demos showcasing cutting edge machine and tool combinations with Okuma America. Stop by to get the full details of these new machine and tooling innovations.

    What You Will See

    • Machine - LU-7000EXM/2000. This powerful, heavy duty, 4 axis lathe will feature turrets with live tool capabilities and large mounting stations for long boring tools.
    • Silent Tools™ Plus boring bar with digital feedback of cutting conditions. This new, innovative approach to monitoring boring operations provides levels of security not possible...until now.
  • WFL

    IMTS 2018 South Building Booth Map 338100 338666 338300 338500 338700 338900 339100

    Booth #338666

    See digital machining live at WFL's booth. Featuring cutting edge digital machining technology, you can see first-hand the power of real-time machine monitoring.

    What You Will See

    • Machine - M120 Millturn outfitted with full integration of Silent Tools™ Plus to the machine control. Monitoring will include: vibration, surface roughness, damper temperature, battery status, load, deflection, in addition to adaptive spindle control.
    • More to come!

A game show and giveaways all on a day off from school? Don’t worry, you won’t have to beg your teachers to go. Our booth activities are interactive AND educational.

Where You Can Find Us

North Building, Level 1 Booth 215104.

Visit our main booth to explore the latest tooling solutions, connect with machining experts and engineers to discuss your production or project needs and learn how to advance your business with data driven decisions. We're reimagining the machine shop floor - experience it for yourself in our booth.

Where You Can Find Us

West Building, Level 3 and Annex Booth 431510

IMTS map

Digital Machining Swap clipboards for dashboards

We're taking manufacturing to the next level with a new suite of digital machining products.

Collect Data

Digital 'eyes and ears' inside your machine provide access to process insights and empower your CAD/CAM operations with product data at the click of a button. But the power of digital starts before the machine even turns on. Shave time off your planning phase with online tool assembly and code generators.

Connect with CoroPlus®  solutions and make your big data pay off.

Connect to the Edge

In-cut monitoring with sensor equipped tooling provides the insights you need to make data driven process optimizations.

Collect data from directly inside your component with Silent Tools™ Plus, the first digital vibration indicator. Monitor everything you need to know, all from a digital dashboard display.

Take Analytics to Insights

Make fact-based and real time decisions with machining data aggregated from sensor equipped tooling and delivered to a machine tool control panel.

CoroPlus® Process Control is the next step in the digital machining journey.

Your How-To Guide on the Digitalization Journey Download Guide

Start small, scale up

Connecting a shop floor isn't as costly or as difficult as you might think. Read this guide to learn how to start the digital journey.

Introducing CoroPlus® MachiningInsights

Gain insights that your engineering department needs in order to maximize output and resources. Approach machining with analytics to identify and categorize gaps and opportunities. Save time and focus on mining the most impactful improvement opportunities, prioritizing the most pressing issues and then solving the right problems instead of guessing. From data capture to optimization efforts, take action with CoroPlus® MachiningInsights. The latest solution in the CoroPlus suite for machine and tool utilization. See it live at Booth 431510.

Interested in learning more? Find us at IMTS.

Talk to us at the show to discover how you can implement digital machining in your shop. Do you want a one-on-one consultation during IMTS? Schedule your 30 minute appointment here.

  • Bijal Patel Specialist, Digital Machining

  • Jeff Rizzie Director - Digital Machining, Americas

Turning Reinvented We're changing the way you turn

Take your productivity up a notch. Discover the latest tooling and methods innovations that are reinventing turning so you can meet shorter production deadlines and tighter security requirements. 

Prime Productivity

Make more chips with the turning tool that doubles speed and feed rates. CoroTurn® Prime is great for mass production or components that require frequent setups and tool changes.

Small entering angles are no match for CoroTurn Prime and more efficient edge utilization makes this tool a smart investment that keeps paying off.

Looking for more? With two inserts in the holder, the CoroTurn® Prime Twin-tool saves significant time when changing tools to increase machine utilization and productivity.

See CoroTurn Prime at IMTS.

A New All-Directional Approach

Faster, better stronger. PrimeTurning™ is the innovative new all-directional turning method your production unit needs to try.

Why settle for less when PrimeTurning offers flexibility to do turning in all directions for up to 50% more productivity (compared to conventional turning) at a lower cost per component.

Silent, Stable & Vibration Free Parting Off

CoroCut® QD for Y-axis parting is designed with the insert pocket rotated 90 degrees, providing more than six times higher blade stiffness in turning centers and multi-task machines with Y-axis.

This results in a much more stable, silent, and vibration-free cutting process that provides better surface finish and allows higher feed rates and longer tool overhang.

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